Honey the Duck

The ducks who nest at the University of Chicago in the spring and summer months have been here a long time. In fact, Prof. Emeritus Jerry Coyne, a renowned evolutionary biologist who has taken the ducks under his wing, estimates they’ve been coming for a century or more. That makes all these ducks a cherished part of the UChicago community. When campus is open, if you happen to visit Botany Pond, here are some tips for safe duck watching from Prof. Coyne.

– Photo courtesy of Jerry Coyne

Honey is one of these mallard Maroons, a beloved female who returns year after year to build a nest and raise a brood of ducklings in and around Botany Pond.

Over the last three years, Honey has raised more than 20 ducklings on the Hyde Park campus, and now she’s back again, along with her mate, Wingman. This year, even as the coronavirus has forced most humans off campus, you can watch new life begin as Honey’s clutch hatches live on webcam. Her ducklings are expected in early May.